Photo Organizing

    • Almost overnight negatives and film were replaced with digital cameras and we gained the ability to snap hundreds of photos in an instant. Most of us have quickly become overwhelmed with the sheer number of photos we take and find that the images linger on our cameras, computers and phones as well as taking up more than their fair share of memory along with them! In addition, the pictures that we do manage to print and all of those printed prior to the digital camera era, are usually still in boxes, bins and bags.

      Organizing photos can be an intimidating and time-consuming task and one we tend to think can only be done by us alone, however most of us long to someday “tackle” this task because it is so worthwhile to preserve memories and have the ability to share them with others.

      That is where I would love to come into the picture (sorry!) I can help you with ALL of your photo needs, whether digital or traditional. My goal is to come alongside you help you make sense of that huge pile of photos . . . by doing it for you, with you, or by sharing ideas and techniques you can use to do it on your own.

      My services include:

          • Organizing prints and/or digital images
          • Creating traditional scrapbook photo albums
          • Scanning and enhancing photos
          • Downloading, storing and setting up protection of digital images
          • Creating Digital Photo Books for every occasion – Wedding, Anniversaries, Graduations, Vacations, Birthdays, Business Portfolios and more!
          • Installing software and teaching all the How To’s
          • Speaking to groups and organizations
          • Organizing Fundraisers for groups and organizations for photobooks and other digital items
          • Creating Power Point presentations